How I fell into Hypnotherapy…

Many years ago it seems, I was told that I should study Psychology at university. ‘It opens so many doors to you’, ‘You don’t have to decide on a career yet, you’ll have lots to choose from when you finish’!

Well… that wasn’t strictly the truth.

I did enjoy university. I loved it in fact, had a whale of a time. However, it was for me, a way to procrastinate making any major life choices. Eighteen years old is far too young to be making choices that will define the rest of your life, in my humble opinion. So I finished university without so much as a clue of what to do for the rest of my life.

So I just got a job. Any job. I became a Healthcare Support Worker in a hospital. It was only going to be a means to an end, whilst I decided upon a life plan. Nearly three years later and I was still a Healthcare Support Worker in a hospital (albeit a different hospital!). Then one day a new set of doctors turned up on the ward, one of which was in the year above me in high school… well that made me feel great about my own career development! Why was I bottom rung of the ladder when someone one year my senior was a Doctor?

So I decided there and then to pull my finger out and get a clue!

And I did just that. I racked my brain to figure out what I wanted from life. I decided that what I really wanted to do was to become a counsellor. I had always planned on doing that eventually but thought you had to be at least middle aged to start. Why would anyone see a counsellor who still looked like a child?

However, I discovered a course that I could afford to do part-time. But there was a catch. Before I could study to become a counsellor I had to study Hypnotherapy first, for one year.

I’d never particularly thought about hypnotherapy before. I loved Paul McKenna when I was a kid but that was about the sum of my knowledge with regards to hypnosis. So I went along to the first session with a less than open mind.

And I was blown away.

From the first hour of that first lesson, I knew that I had found something I knew would change my life forever. I have never felt passionately about anything before in my life. I always felt obscenely jealous of those people who had a passion. Those artists, and musicians who can talk to you until your ears bleed about ‘their craft’. I tried the piano before and got bored; a pattern that repeated itself with anything that I tried to introduce into my life.

And finally I had found something that I knew would stick with me. Something magical. Something that really works.

The power of the mind is something to be reckoned with. Learning that was the greatest lesson of my life so far. Now I try to let other people realise the power of their own mind. Whether to lose weight, stop smoking, gain confidence…

And whilst I am still working in the hospital part-time (for now)…

Finally I’m in a job that I love.

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