Why everyone should just relax!

We all know that too much stress is bad for you. But what does that mean? What is too much stress, and how is it bad?

Everyone experiences life differently. What may be considered as an overwhelmingly stressful event to me may be experienced by you as just another everyday occurrence. This is largely due to peoples resilience, levels of which differ from person depending on their own past experiences and maybe even their genes.

So it’s important for people to know what own tolerance level is.

What stresses you out?  Why?

It is also important to realise that too little stress is bad for you as well. We all need a certain amount of stress so that we feel motivated to get out of bed in the morning! (Not always an easy thing to do, I know!)

What we need is a happy medium. Our stress levels should be just enough to motivate but not enough to completely deplete us of our resources.

This is known as ‘Eustress’.

Eustress is the optimum level of stress that makes us feel challenged but not drained. It can be very easy to let things get too much and all of a sudden our resources are running on empty. That’s when we feel  stressed and unable to cope. Feeling like this for a prolonged amount of time can begin to take its toll on our health, most likely making us feel run down, lethargic etc. Long term this can seriously affect our health, leading to a wide range of health problems including cardiovascular problems.

If we just set aside regular recharge time, we can avoid this. But how often do we allow ourselves the time to simply relax? I mean really relax, with no stimulation. No T.V. No reading. Simply turn your mind off.

Many of my hypnotherapy clients come into the session feeling rushed and lead very busy lives. After their first session they often remark on how nice it is to simply switch off. Doing this on a regular basis, switching off your mind can be so beneficial in other areas of your life.

Regardless of what they come to see me for, after listening to their self-hypnosis sessions regularly, my clients report feeling so much calmer generally. Less ‘snappy’. More motivated. More able to cope with everyday life.

Who doesn’t want that?!

So here is a free 15 minute self-hypnosis relaxation mp3 download!


Go on… chill out!


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