Creating a Positive Future


Traditional psychological theory and research focuses on various disorders and human suffering, which can be really useful in developing cures. However towards the late 1990’s interest began to turn towards how psychology can contribute more to society in a more positive way, by improving peoples lives rather than focusing on illness. This approach has been termed ‘Positive Psychology’, and one of the principles that underpins this new way of thinking is that we are not all completely at the mercy of either our genes or our environment, but rather we are all capable of making choices that influence both our surroundings and our experiences.

So what if we can choose the way we experience the world?

Very often a client will come to hypnotherapy to lose weight as a last resort. They describe their experience during the initial consultation as being hopeless. It’s in their genes. Or they have been put on a medication and it’s just one of the side effects that they will have to come to terms with.

Cut to a few weeks later and they are amazed that actually, all it took was a few simple practical changes coupled with a complete change of attitude to turn things around. For good.

The practical changes are things like healthy eating, exercise and so on. 

The change in attitude is often where people struggle, and without it the practical changes are less likely to be successful. The self-hypnosis downloads that form a large part of the Think To Slim program are crucial in helping to change that attitude into a positive one. Helping you to leave behind those negative past behaviours and develop new positive behaviours. Eating only when you are hungry. Enjoying and savoring every mouthful. Releasing yourself from the pressures of dieting!

In Positive Psychological terms you have the choice ignore your genes. You can choose to change your environment. You can choose to respond positively.

Think To Slim uses the acronym LISTEN to help with this change to a more positive outlook.

Learn to respond to your body
Invest in yourself
Savour every mouthful
Trust in the process
Eat when you’re hungry
No more yo-yo dieting

In making this change it can be useful to think about your individual goal and to project yourself into the future. Whether that’s a specific weight loss target, or perhaps a general feeling of wellness. Think about what it would be like to have achieved your goal. How great that feels, and how you got there. From there you can let go of the pressure of dieting, and focus on your new healthy future.

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