Past Life Regression… Real or not?


It took me ages to realise what YOLO stands for. ‘You Only Live Once’.

But is that true? Do we only live once?

Reincarnation is the belief that we have lived previous lives and will do so again following this one. If this is true, then does that mean that some aspect of our mind has a memory of our past lives?

Past Life Regression is a process that uses the process of Hypnotherapy to delve into the depths of your subconscious mind to uncover and explore the hidden memories of your previous lives. By doing so, many people find themselves describing scenes from their ‘past lives’ that have some significance to their current life.

Sometimes people can experience issues in their current life, the cause of which seems to be elusive. For example, anger issues that have no apparent basis in this life, may have its origins in a past life. Uncovering the memory that may be the cause of current issues can be a very cathartic experience and can help that person to overcome the problem.

It can also be said that when an individual regresses to a ‘past life’ they are merely creating images and memories that are representative of issues that are affecting that person at the time.

So in these instances, is it a case of genuinely uncovering the cause of a problem that happens to originate in a past life?

Or is ‘Past Life Regression’ just the mind creating a metaphor to help deal with a problem in the here and now?

It’s an argument that could go on forever, however when it comes down to it… does it really matter? If the individual is getting some therapeutic benefit from it, who are we to question what’s really happening? What is important is that whoever is conducting the regression therapy session is appropriately qualified and able to deal with what could potentially be a sensitive and difficult situation.

All this being said, ‘Past Life Regression’ can also be a lot of fun and an incredible experience.

Why not give it a go and see for yourself?

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