Slim for Summer Weight Loss Program

Slim for Summer Weight Loss Programme
We can help you shed those pounds with our Special Package of 
Diet + Nutritional Advice with Hypnotherapy
Do you need someone on your side to give you that extra impetus to lose those unwanted pounds for summer?  If so, we have weight loss experts, Hypnotherapist Richard Keeley and Nutritional Therapist Carolina King who will work together with you to make losing weight your goal this summer.

The Weight Loss Programme includes two Hypnotherapy sessions and two Diet and Nutritional Therapy sessions which take place over a four week period. These treatments together will give you sound nutritional advice for effective weight loss combined with the right mental attitude towards how you think and feel about food.

The hypnotherapy sessions will train your mind to remove any emotional, rewarding and comforting attachments you may have to food which cause you to over-eat. Richard will give you the tools to help you see food as fuel for your body and enable you to eat smaller amounts yet feel full quicker.

Carolina will work with you to provide a realistic diet aiming for effective and permanent weight loss in conjunction with an exercise plan. The approach includes personalised menu-planners, supplement recommendations to boost metabolism and special handouts on areas such as snacking, lunchboxes and eating out – all of which can prove difficult when trying to lose weight.

These four 1-2-1, 60 minute sessions are taken over a one month period at Renaissance Natural Therapy Centre and the total cost of the programme is £199.00. Please note that weight loss with this programme can’t be guaranteed but with Richard and Carolina on your side – it could be just the nudge you need to take the step to sensible weight loss!

To book or for more information, please call Jane Hobbs on 0121 428 1449 or 07932 608085 or book on-line at
“Richard has helped me lose nearly 2 stone in weight through hypnosis. It’s the best way to get your mind in the right place for watching what you eat” ​

“I’ve struggled for many years to get the weight off and the benefits to my health have been tenfold! I am no longer hung up about food and no longer look for it for comfort.”

“Carolina came up with a fad free common sense plan which was easy to follow with great tasting menus. I avoided as much sugar and white bread as I could, which wasn’t easy at first but soon got used to it and the sugary cravings soon subsided. The results came quicker than expected. I now have more energy, I have lost nearly a stone in weight and it is staying off too. I also lost two inches off my waistline to boot.”