“Richard made me feel very at ease (before and after the session) I would recommend.”

“I’m only 2lb away from my final half stone (so with hopefully another week or so I will have lost 2 and a half stone in weight).  I’m so thrilled that I took the decision last year to contact you for help and initially I could only imagine how I would feel if I had lost just a stone – I’ve struggled for many years to get the weight off and the benefits to my health have been tenfold!!  Thank you so much for all your encouragement…….I am no longer hung up about food and no longer look for it for comfort.”

– Hypnotic Gastric Band

“A superb experience. Richard is a sensitive and attentive practitioner and I was totally at ease throughout. I felt refreshed and invigorated afterwards and would recommend his services.”

“… [I] have lost nearly two stone now and still keeping going! I’ve been on holiday to Canada but managed to stay on the straight and narrow! I wanted to be able to do it quite slowly so that it really becomes a life commiment not a diet for a short while. My sessions with you helped, especially stopping when feeling full and having smaller portions. My husband is complaining about the new trousers I’ve had to buy!”

– Hypnotic Gastric Band

​”Richard is a lovely polite young man with a soothing calm voice. A lovely relaxing experience.”

“Richard has helped me lose nearly 2 stone in weight through hypnosis – its the best way to get your mind in the right place for watching what you eat”​