Counselling? Online? Really?


Many people can be put off at hearing the word counselling. 

We may live in a progressive world but there is still very much a stigma attached to mental health issues and people don’t like talking about it, let alone actually going to see a counsellor. 

This is a shame, because counselling can be hugely beneficial for a wide range of people. Individuals with depression, who have undergone a trauma of some kind, and even people who are just a bit stressed.

The empathetic nature of the therapeutic relationship can make you really feel heard. How often do you truly feel like the other person has really been listening?

One of the benefits of online counselling is that you can access this level of support, without leaving your house.

The traditional view of therapy is that the client lies on a couch while an old bearded man with glasses sits there asking ‘How does that make you feel?’

Sigmund Freud used to conduct therapy entirely by letters to some clients. So why is it so strange to think that video calling can be just as helpful?

As long as the therapist is qualified and professional, then Skype can become a highly effective therapeutic tool.

People often don’t think that they can find the time to go and see a ‘mental health professional’ (another scary term often used in the field) but with Skype they don’t need to find so much time within their busy day.

So if you had ever thought that you might like to try counselling, but have never summoned up the courage to actually go, why not try it at home? You never know, you might be happy that you did.