Gastric Band? No thanks!

Lots of people struggle with their weight. But why do some people opt for highly invasive surgery such as Gastriic Bands or Bypasses?

At a talk I recently gave to post op gastric band/bypass patients I discovered that the treatment is far from a ‘magic wand solution’.

Firstly, it’s very expensive. An average gastric band procedure can cost up to £5000.

Following the procedure, the patient is normally only able to have a liquid diet. The length of this liquid diet varies but it can typically be for up to 6 weeks post op. Then they move on to soft/mushy diet, then solid foods.

For successful weight loss to occur, major lifestyle changes must also take place. Excersize increased, dietary habits altered. All of the things that make any weight loss attemot successful.

So why bother with the pain and expense of gastric surgery?

There are other options.

For example, the hypnotic gastric band is non-invasive, a fraction of the price and enables deeper issues that may exist around food to be resolved.

Techniques vary from practitioner to practitioner, but the essential premise remains the same.

During a hypnotic trance, the client is taken through the gastric band/bypass procedure. Subsequent sessions focus on tightening the band as well as removing any emotional/comforting/rewarding attachements to food.

New habits are developed with the client over a period of time so that they see food as fuel for their body. In this way, they are enabled to make the necessary changes to lose weight slowly and steadily. Slow and steady weight loss means that it is more likely to stay off.

The client should feel more energised and motivated as they learn how to help themselves!

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